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San Antonio Express-News, 05/15/2022
Refugees in Texas: Which countries do they come from? 

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 05/02/2022
After fleeing Afghanistan, family hopes for safer life in Fort Worth

Advocate Mag, 04/19/2022    
Refugee Services of Texas- Dallas, World Affairs Council to host refugee cookbook launch

KVUE, 04/01/2022    
Volunteers surprise Afghan translator and family with new house

ABC25 News, 03/31/2022
In-Depth: Texas could see over 12,000 refugees from Ukraine & Central Texans open up their homes

KXAN, 03/31/2022
Local school districts helping dozens of refugee students, preparing to welcome even more

Austin American-Statesman, 02/28/2022

Thousands flee Ukraine amid Russia's invasion, but it's unclear whether any will end up in Texas

Austin American-Statesman, 02/21/2022

Afghan families seeking asylum take steps toward residency with help of local nonprofits

The Lasso: The Texas Woman's University Official Newspaper, 02/01/2022

Social work students create GoFundMe to help victims of human trafficking


Texas Highways, November 2021 Edition

How the Texas Refugee Population has Enriched Our Culinary Community

KSAT (San Antonio), 11/05/2021

New refugee resettlement agency coming to San Antonio next month

KGNC (Amarillo), 11/04/2021

Afghan Refugees Coming To Amarillo

Only in America with Ali Noorani, 11/03/2021

Welcoming Afghans Audio Series - Part III

KFDA (Amarillo), 11/03/2021

Afghan refugees arriving in Amarillo and are in need of support

Faith & Leadership, 11/02/2021

Incubator for discipleship

Southwest Contemporary, 10/29/2021

DIY, Together: A Look at Artist-Led Efforts Across the Southwest

KVUE (Austin), 10/28/2021

Austin apartment complex welcomes Afghan refugees in need of housing

KFDA (Amarillo), 10/28/2021

Amarillo Police Department adds new neighborhood patrol unit office in Eastridge to help refugees

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 10/25/2021

Fort Worth Schools prepare to welcome Afghan refugee students

The Cross Timbers Gazette, 10/23/2021

Bake sale, volunteers benefit refugees

The Dallas Morning News, 10/15/2021

Cornyn meets with Afghans, who tell him of the many left behind in their homeland

WBAP (DFW), 10/15/2021

Senator Cornyn Meets with Afghan SIV Holders in North Texas

The Liberator, 10/15/2021

Austin Begins to Aid Refugees: From Afghanistan to Austin, Refugees Begin Resettling

Oregon Live by The Oregonian, 10/11/2021

Afghan evacuees steered to pro-immigration states that need workers

TODAY Show, 10/07/2021

Refugee women from Afghanistan open up in emotional discussion with Jenna and mom Laura Bush

Stateline, an initiative of The Pew Charitable Trusts, 10/7/2021

Afghans Steered to States with ‘Help Wanted’ Signs, Pro-Immigrant Bent

MyHighPlains (Amarillo), 10/05/2021

Trinity Baptist Church and Barrio Neighborhood Planning Committee work to raise supplies for Afghan families

KDFW (DFW), 10/05/2021

500-plus Afghan refugees resettled in Texas post-U.S. withdrawal

BedTimes Magazine, 10/04/2021

Mattress Firm Raising Profile, Seeking IPO

Austin American-Statesman, 10/03/2021

Opinion: I was a translator for the U.S. I know the danger Afghans are in.

KUT (Austin), 09/30/2021

Get Involved Spotlight: Austin Diaper Bank

KXAN (Austin), 09/28/2021 asking Austin residents to help house Afghan refugees

Austin American-Statesman, 09/28/2021

'It was chaos': Afghan family recalls escape from Kabul before starting new life in Austin

Deseret News, 9/22/2021

How these Latter-day Saint women are making a difference for refugees in Houston

Forth Worth Star Telegram, 7/11/2021

Her family fled violence in Iraq. Now this woman helps other refugees in Fort Worth

Boston Globe, 6/23/2021

Amplifying refugees and their musical talents

Dallas Morning News, 6/17/2021

This Garland immigrant fled violence in El Salvador. Now, she’s telling her story for World Refugee Day

Houston Style Magazine, 6/11/2021

Refugee Services of Texas Welcomes New CFO with Track Record of Non-Profit, Humanitarian Success


Vox 1/17/2020 

A federal judge stopped Texas from ending its refugee program

The Takeaway NPR 1/14/20 

Texas Governor Says the State Will No Longer Resettle Refugees

VOA 1/15/20 

US Judge: States Cannot Block Refugee Arrivals

Texas Public Radio 1/10/20 

Gov. Abbott Says Texas Will Not Accept New Refugees  

The Texas Standard - Texas NPR 1/15/20 

Judge Blocks Trump's Executive Order Allowing Local Officials To Reject Refugees

The Dallas Morning News 1/10/20 

Texas’ inn for refugees is full, Gov. Greg Abbott says, declining to admit any more

The Dallas Morning News 1/11/20 

Texas is the only state to turn its back on refugees, and we should be ashamed

The Dallas Morning News 1/11/20 

Abbott Pulls up the Welcome Mat

The Dallas Morning News 1/12/20 

Shame on Texas

The Dallas Morning News 

Ruling Halts Refugee Ban 

Fort Worth Star-Telegram 1/15/20 

Refugees can still resettle in Texas, for now, as judge halts Trump’s executive order 

Fort Worth Star-Telegram 1/14/20 Tarrant County leaders say refugees are welcome, despite Texas governor’s decision 

Fort Worth Star-Telegram 1/17/20

Gov. Greg Abbott’s move on refugees wasn’t just wrong, it was also out of character

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Fort Worth Star-Telegram 

Austin American-Statesman 1/15/20 

Judge halts Trump refugee order, jeopardizing Abbott move to block settlement in Texas

KVUE ABC Austin 1/13/20 

Defenders: How refugees impact Texas, U.S.


Dallas Weekly 12/12/2019

Dallas is the first certified welcoming city in Texas

SiriusXM x 12/2019

Hope for the Holidays Campaign

Dallas Observer 12/3/2019

Lowest Refugee Cap in Decades Worries Local Organizations and Advocates

Washington Post 10/12/2019

They’re the refugees that Trump tried to stop. But now they’re here, and they’re ‘becoming Americans.

San Antonio Express 10/9/2019

Refugee resettlement in U.S. hits 40-year low. Texas has most, with 1,700

KUT 90.5 10/7/2019

Texas Groups Brace For Cuts That Could 'Devastate' Refugee Resettlement Services

TribTalk  7/29/2019

Banning refugees is immoral, un-American and likely lethal

Fort Worth Star-Telegram  4/15/2019

Refugee cuts hit Fort Worth schools: ‘We just aren’t getting that many kids anymore

My High Plains  4/10/2019

Refugee Services of Texas welcomes two Amarillo residents to statewide board of directors



TribTalk  9/27/2018

As the Trump administration turns its back on refugees, Texas stands ready to welcome them

Kxan  6/28/2018
Nonprofits seeing surge in volunteers after border children crisis

TribTalk 6/25/2018
World Refugee Day should be a day to take action

KUT 90.5  4/13/2018
Texas Is Resettling Almost 80 Percent Fewer Refugees

KUT 90.5  4/1/2018                                                                                            
Get Involved Spotlight: Refugee Services Of Texas

The Texas Standard  1/4/2018
The Number Of Refugees Resettled In Texas

KERA News  1/3/2018                                                                             
Refugee Policy Changes So Far Have Affected Resettlement Numbers In Texas



New York Times  9/12/2017 
White House Weighs Lowering Refugee Quota

Yahoo! 7/26/2017 
Immigration is the 'single best way' to lift economic standards

New American Economy  6/19/2017 
From Struggle to Resilience: The Economic Impact of Refugees in America

TribTalk  6/19/2017 
Why We Need to Welcome Refugees

The Washington Post  6/13/2017
Refugees give more money to the government than the government gives them

KUT 90.5  6/5/2017
Texas Refugee Program Updates

The Washington Post  5/25/2017
Federal Appeals Court maintains freeze of Trump's travel ban. Attorney General vows Supreme Court appeal

The Guardian  5/24/2017
This small town in America's Deep South welcomes 1,500 refugees a year

The Texas Standard  5/24/2017
A program that grants asylum to kids fleeing Central American violence now brings fewer to the U.S.

The Atlantic  5/23/2017

ESPN  5/19/2017
Refugees, immigrants helped a Georgia high school build a diverse cross country dynasty

Houston Chronicle  5/18/2017
Immigrant rises to top of graduating class

Yahoo! News  5/17/2017
'That's not who we are': How a besieged heartland community rallied around its refugees

AL.COM  5/17/2017
Smuggled to the U.S. at 15, soccer player finds refuge in Alabama

Upworthy  4/27/2017
Setting the record straight on what it's really like to host a refugee family

The Daily Campus  4/20/2017
SMU Law students counsel detained immigrants during spring break

New American Economy  4/12/2017 
An Open Letter from 1,470 Economists on Integration

Encore Magazine  4/19/2017
Laughter For a Cause: Cliff Cash and company put the spotlight on refugees in "This Isn't Funny"

Reporting Texas  4/18/2017
Iraqi refugee family is reunited in Texas after tragedy, Trump travel ban

Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth  4/13/2017
Presiding bishop visits Refugee Services of Texas

The Shorthorn  4/3/2017
'No Human Illegal' speakers shed light on refugees, social justice

Cross Timbers Gazette   4/1/2017 
Volunteers help refugees feel at home

Amarillo Globe-News  3/25/2017
WT Simulation Urges People to Walk a Mile in Refugee's Shoes

KUT  3/23/2017
Refugee Groups In Austin Navigate Resettlement Program's Uncertain Future

KERA News  3/22/2017
SMU Town Hall On Refugee Crisis Brings Together Politicians, Community

Pulitzer Center  3/15/2017
Refugees in Texas: Attitudes Toward Security and Service  3/8/2017
League to sponsor program on refugee services

CBS Austin  3/6/2017
Local refugee services react to new travel ban

NY Times  3/2/2017
Welcome Refugees, Churches Say in a Public Challenge to Trump  2/23/2017
Austin school district a safe haven for refugee children (paywall)

The Daily Texan  2/20/2017
South Asian students use comedy to stand in solidarity with refugees

Amarillo Globe-News
Ruling restarts trips to Amarillo as families wait for reunions (paywall)

Sprudge  2/15/2017
Filter Coffee Not People: Department of Brewology's merch for a cause  2/15/2017
Refugees blocked by Trump ban arrive in Austin (paywall)

Business Insider  2/11/2017
'I don't know how much harder it can get': What it takes to go from refugee to American

Business Insider  2/11/2017
The chance an American will be killed by a foreign-born refugee is 1 in 3.64 billion

The Austin Chronicle  2/10/2017
Confusion, Misery, Worry: The Immigration Ban in Texas

KHOU  2/9/2017
Refugee families arrive in Texas as travel restrictions lifted

Houston Chronicle  2/9/2017
After long wait, Afghan family starts new life in Houston

Star-Telegram  9/2017
Newly arrived Syrian refugee in Fort Worth says travel ban left family in limbo

Yahoo! News  2/8/2017
In one Texas city where refugees are welcomed, immigration ban sows fear and confusion

The Texas Tribune  2/7/2017
First turned around by travel ban, Syrian refugee family makes it to Texas

KUT 90.5  7/2017
Nonprofits formally take over federal refugee program in Texas

Houston Chronicle  2/6/2017
Families taking advantage of temporary lifting of travel ban to come to Houston

KXAN  2/6/2017
'Travel ban' catches around 100 Texas-bound refugees in limbo

D Magazine  2/1/2017
Where to help refugees and immigrants in Dallas

The Texas Tribune  1/30/2017
Hope turns to heartache for Texas volunteers looking to help refugees

Trib Talk  1/29/2017
Why President Trump is Wrong About Refugees



Nonprofit Quarterly  10/3/2016
Texas Opts Out of Refugee Program but Nonprofits and Volunteers Will Bridge the Gap

Texas Tribune  9/30/2016
Ignoring Anti-Refugee Rhetoric, Texans Rush to Help in Resettlement

Public Radio International  9/8/2016
Helping Syrian refugees is the Christian thing to do, say these church leaders

Texas Standard  8/31/2016
Thanks to Refugee Program, El Salvadoran Family Reunites

Austin American-Statesman  7/23/2016
A safe, legal way for children from Central America to get to the U.S.

Austin American-Statesman  7/4/2016
Lake Travis students spread hope through 'Me to We' projects

Houston Chronicle  6/19/2016
Her 'name' almost snags refugee's journey to Houston

Fort Worth Star-Telegram  6/18/2016
Forth Worth refugee community honors World Refugee Day 2016

CW 33 News Fix  6/18/2016
Home, Sweet Home: Refugees Celebrate New Life

News Channel 25  6/18/2016
Amarillo refugee multicultural day

Amarillo Globe News  6/17/2016
World Refugee Day observed today in Amarillo

Fox 7 Austin  6/5/2016
Hundreds attends first Austin Refugee Day Festival

Fort Worth Star-Telegram  4/27/2016
Syrian crisis inspires Fort Worth teens to help refugees

The Texas Observer  4/11/2016
The Strangers Next Door

The Austinite  3/8/2016
Safe Haven: What Happens When Syrian Refugees Come To Austin

Austin Chronicle  2/5/2016
Refugee debate in Texas continues

News Channel 9 El Paso  1/22/2016
Senate Votes Down Bill To Increase Security Checks For Refugees

KVUE  01/14/2016
New unit to fight human trafficking in Texas



Fort Worth Star-Telegram  12/19/2015
Congolese refugee family starts new life in Forth Worth

The Dallas Morning News  11/25/2015
Point Person: Our Q&A with Aaron Rippenkroeger

Fort Worth Star-Telegram  11/25/2015
Refugees in Fort Worth learn about Thanksgiving traditions

KVUE  11/23/2015
Refugee service providers push back against Syrian ban

KXAN  11/23/2015
Local Leaders: We will pick up the tab for refugees if State backs out

Austin American-Statesman  11/23/2015
Austin Mayor Steve Adler joins White House call on Syrian Refugees

Houston Chronicle  11/21/2015
For Syrian refugee in Houston, feeling of safety stripped away

DFW WFAA  11/17/2015
Syrian Refugees Face Uncertain Future in Texas

Dallas Morning News
Aaron C. Rippenkroeger: Why Gov Greg Abbott is wrong on Syrian refugees

KXAN  11/6/2015
Syrian refugee family settles in Austin

Texas Public Radio  11/3/2015
More Cuban Migrants are Entering the U.S This Way

The Huffington Post  10/28/2015
Refugees Will Arrive In The U.S. Needing Mental Healthcare. They Probably Won't Get It.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram  10/25/2015
North Texas immigrants, refugees rely heavily on faith

KWBU  10/21/2015
As Syrian Refugees Look to Resettle, Texas Could Become Home

NBC News  10/13/2015
Refugees Will Arrive In The U.S. Needing Mental Healthcare. They Probably Won't Get It.
'It Will Be Better': Burmese Refugees Struggle on Road to America

KXAN Austin  10/5/2015
Two organizations in Austin will host Syrian refugees

Texas Standard  10/5/2015
How one Texas company is helping refugees in Europe

Fort Worth Star-Telegram  9/30/2015
Refugees find a haven in North Texas

The Daily Texan  9/30/2015
The Texan Talks: student involvement in refugee rights and resettlement

My High Plains - KAMR   9/25/2015
Amarillo Reaches Out to Refugees

The Eagle, Bryan-College Station  9/24/2015
Houston is a magnet for refugees

VoiceBox Media  9/21/2015
Central American minors underrepresented in court

One News Page  9/18/2015
Texans Prepare for Syrian Refugees

Amarillo Globe-News  9/16/2015
Syrian refugee influx not likely to immediately impact Amarillo

KERA News  9/16/2015
Resettlement Agency Believes Texas Can Accommodate More Syrian Refugees

Everything Lubbock  9/15/2015
Texans Prepare for Syrian Refugees

International Business Times  9/15/2015
Syrian Refugees US Obama Policy 2015: How Middle East Asylum Seekers Resettle in America

KTRH AM 740  9/15/2015
Texas Preparing for Syrian Refugees

Houston Chronicle  9/14/2015
From a Burundi massacre to self-sufficiency in Houston

The Texas Tribune  9/13/2015
Texas Could See Increase in Syrian Refugees

Houston Chronicle  9/13/2015
Greater Houston resettles more refugees than any other American city

Fort Worth Star-Telegram  9/12/2015  
Displaced by bombings, Syrian family finds peace in Fort Worth
Austin American-Statesman  9/12/2015
Rippenkroeger: Texas should welcome Syrian refugees

The Dallas Morning News  9/11/2015
Wes Magruder: Refugee images shook us awake. Now it's time to do something.

Fox 4 News  9/10/2015
Agencies prepare for arrival of Syrian refugees

Univision  9/9/2015
Familia siria encuentra refugio in Houston

Houston Chronicle  9/7/2015
Coming to Houston, not knowing a soul

ABC 13  9/5/2015
Syrian Refugees Move to Houston to Escape Brutal Regime in Homeland

Houston Chronicle  8/31/2015
City of Refugees: How Houston became a resettlement magnet

Greenlights  8/20/2015
2015 Award Categories and Finalists

Austin Refugee Newsletter - August 2015  8/17/2015
Refugee Services of Texas Expands Immigration Services

Amarillo Globe-News  8/10/2015
Refugees given opportunity for 'a second life'

San Antonio Current  8/4/2015
Hard Work: Skilled Refugees Face Hurdles To Ply Their Trade In U.S.

Hill Country News  6/25/2015
Central Texas mother takes on worldwide slavery problem

Laredo Morning Times  6/22/2015
World Refugee Day allows people to recognize contributions of refugees

KVUE News  6/20/2015
World Refugee Day in Austin

KXAN News  6/20/2015
24 refugees sworn in as U.S. citizens on World Refugee Day

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal  6/20/2015
Letter: Celebrate hope and optimism of refugees

Corpus Christi Caller Times  6/20/2015
Letter: Celebrate World Refugee Day

The Monitor  6/19/2015
LETTERS: On World Refugee Day, Donna ISD and bicycle etiquette

KERA News  6/16/2015
Refugees Jump Financial Hurdles To Start Over In America

WGEM News  5/29/2015
Fort Madison High School establishes Alumni Hall of Honor

El Mundo  2/19/2015
Programa de refugiados para centramericanos

Houston Chronicle  January 28, 2015
Tempest-tossed : Like immigrants before them, Syrian refugees seek a new home in Houston.

My High Plains  1/28/2015
Moore County Refugee Workshop

Connect Amarillo  1/28/2015
Moore County hosts third annual Refugee Conference

News Channel 10  1/28/2015
Moore County holds 3rd Annual Refugee Conference



News Channel 10  11/15/2014
Helping refugees make Amarillo home

CCTV - AMERICA  11/7/2014
Looser travel restrictions bring more Cubans to US

The Wall Street Journal  10/28/2014
Cuban Wave Arrives by Land

The Dallas Morning News  10/11/2014
Vickery Meadow neighborhood is 'melting pot of America'

The Monitor  9/6/2014
Nobody is allowed to cry alone

The Daily Texan  9/4/2014
Organization connects students with Austin's refugee population

The Living Church  8/26/2014
Defend the Sojourner

FOX 7 Good Day Austin  5/14/2014
Hope Through Health

KTBC-FOX  5/13/2014
Austin area clinic helps trafficking victims

Telemundo Austin  5/13/2014
Clínica de Austin ofrece recursos a víctimas de tráfico humano

News Channel 10  2/26/2014
Refugees in the Panhandle learning English to succeed

The New York Times  2/20/2014
Amarillo Struggles to Handle Influx of Refugees

Texas Medical Association 2/13/2014
TMA Foundation Awards Group That Helps Refugees Get Health Care

KUT News From Austin, Texas  2/8/2014
Refugees in Texas Face Hurdles Signing Up for Obamacare Plans

KAMR-NBC4  2/7/2014
Refugee Population Growing too Quickly in Amarillo

The University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work  2/5/2014
Hope through Health Clinic with CommUnityCare Recognized by TAASA

KEYE TV  1/22/2014
Battle Against Human Trafficking Continues...

French Morning Texas (French-language online magazine)  1/9/2014
Les réfugiés francophones affluent au Texas



International Organization for Migration  12/6/2013
IOM Rwanda expects to resettle 1,500 Congolese refugees in 2014

The Eagle  11/302013
Non-English-speaking parents helped by students

Austin American-Statesman  11/27/2013
Qusay Hussein: Blinded by bomb, Iraqi refugee seeks to counsel others

Bloomberg  10/11/2013
Shutdown Strands Refugees Seeking Asylum

KUT News from Austin, Texas  10/8/2013
Another Casualty of Government Shutdown: Texas-Bound Refugees

Church World Service  10/8/2013
Faith Leaders Kick Off Day of Action for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Washington Examiner  10/8/2013
VIDEO: Faith leaders urge lawmakers to take up immigration reform

KUT News from Austin, Texas  7/30/2013
What You Should Know About Austin's Newest Neighbors: The Congolese


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