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Texas Highways, November 2021 Edition

How the Texas Refugee Population has Enriched Our Culinary Community

KSAT (San Antonio), 11/05/2021

New refugee resettlement agency coming to San Antonio next month

KGNC (Amarillo), 11/04/2021

Afghan Refugees Coming To Amarillo

Only in America with Ali Noorani, 11/03/2021

Welcoming Afghans Audio Series - Part III

KFDA (Amarillo), 11/03/2021

Afghan refugees arriving in Amarillo and are in need of support

Faith & Leadership, 11/02/2021

Incubator for discipleship

Southwest Contemporary, 10/29/2021

DIY, Together: A Look at Artist-Led Efforts Across the Southwest

KVUE (Austin), 10/28/2021

Austin apartment complex welcomes Afghan refugees in need of housing

KFDA (Amarillo), 10/28/2021

Amarillo Police Department adds new neighborhood patrol unit office in Eastridge to help refugees

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 10/25/2021

Fort Worth Schools prepare to welcome Afghan refugee students

The Cross Timbers Gazette, 10/23/2021

Bake sale, volunteers benefit refugees

The Dallas Morning News, 10/15/2021

Cornyn meets with Afghans, who tell him of the many left behind in their homeland

WBAP (DFW), 10/15/2021

Senator Cornyn Meets with Afghan SIV Holders in North Texas

The Liberator, 10/15/2021

Austin Begins to Aid Refugees: From Afghanistan to Austin, Refugees Begin Resettling

Oregon Live by The Oregonian, 10/11/2021

Afghan evacuees steered to pro-immigration states that need workers

TODAY Show, 10/07/2021

Refugee women from Afghanistan open up in emotional discussion with Jenna and mom Laura Bush

The Lasso: The Texas Woman's University Official Newspaper, 10/07/2021

Social work students create GoFundMe to help victims of human trafficking

Stateline, an initiative of The Pew Charitable Trusts, 10/7/2021

Afghans Steered to States with ‘Help Wanted’ Signs, Pro-Immigrant Bent

MyHighPlains (Amarillo), 10/05/2021

Trinity Baptist Church and Barrio Neighborhood Planning Committee work to raise supplies for Afghan families

KDFW (DFW), 10/05/2021

500-plus Afghan refugees resettled in Texas post-U.S. withdrawal

BedTimes Magazine, 10/04/2021

Mattress Firm Raising Profile, Seeking IPO

Austin American-Statesman, 10/03/2021

Opinion: I was a translator for the U.S. I know the danger Afghans are in.

KUT (Austin), 09/30/2021

Get Involved Spotlight: Austin Diaper Bank

KXAN (Austin), 09/28/2021 asking Austin residents to help house Afghan refugees

Austin American-Statesman, 09/28/2021

'It was chaos': Afghan family recalls escape from Kabul before starting new life in Austin

Deseret News, 9/22/2021

How these Latter-day Saint women are making a difference for refugees in Houston

Forth Worth Star Telegram, 7/11/2021

Her family fled violence in Iraq. Now this woman helps other refugees in Fort Worth

Boston Globe, 6/23/2021

Amplifying refugees and their musical talents

Dallas Morning News, 6/17/2021

This Garland immigrant fled violence in El Salvador. Now, she’s telling her story for World Refugee Day

Houston Style Magazine, 6/11/2021

Refugee Services of Texas Welcomes New CFO with Track Record of Non-Profit, Humanitarian Success


Vox 1/17/2020 

A federal judge stopped Texas from ending its refugee program

The Takeaway NPR 1/14/20 

Texas Governor Says the State Will No Longer Resettle Refugees

VOA 1/15/20 

US Judge: States Cannot Block Refugee Arrivals

Texas Public Radio 1/10/20 

Gov. Abbott Says Texas Will Not Accept New Refugees  

The Texas Standard - Texas NPR 1/15/20 

Judge Blocks Trump's Executive Order Allowing Local Officials To Reject Refugees

The Dallas Morning News 1/10/20 

Texas’ inn for refugees is full, Gov. Greg Abbott says, declining to admit any more

The Dallas Morning News 1/11/20 

Texas is the only state to turn its back on refugees, and we should be ashamed

The Dallas Morning News 1/11/20 

Abbott Pulls up the Welcome Mat

The Dallas Morning News 1/12/20 

Shame on Texas

The Dallas Morning News 

Ruling Halts Refugee Ban 

Fort Worth Star-Telegram 1/15/20 

Refugees can still resettle in Texas, for now, as judge halts Trump’s executive order 

Fort Worth Star-Telegram 1/14/20 Tarrant County leaders say refugees are welcome, despite Texas governor’s decision 

Fort Worth Star-Telegram 1/17/20

Gov. Greg Abbott’s move on refugees wasn’t just wrong, it was also out of character

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Fort Worth Star-Telegram 

Austin American-Statesman 1/15/20 

Judge halts Trump refugee order, jeopardizing Abbott move to block settlement in Texas

KVUE ABC Austin 1/13/20 

Defenders: How refugees impact Texas, U.S.


Dallas Weekly 12/12/2019

Dallas is the first certified welcoming city in Texas

SiriusXM x 12/2019

Hope for the Holidays Campaign

Dallas Observer 12/3/2019

Lowest Refugee Cap in Decades Worries Local Organizations and Advocates

Washington Post 10/12/2019

They’re the refugees that Trump tried to stop. But now they’re here, and they’re ‘becoming Americans.

San Antonio Express 10/9/2019

Refugee resettlement in U.S. hits 40-year low. Texas has most, with 1,700

KUT 90.5 10/7/2019

Texas Groups Brace For Cuts That Could 'Devastate' Refugee Resettlement Services

TribTalk  7/29/2019

Banning refugees is immoral, un-American and likely lethal

Fort Worth Star-Telegram  4/15/2019

Refugee cuts hit Fort Worth schools: ‘We just aren’t getting that many kids anymore

My High Plains  4/10/2019

Refugee Services of Texas welcomes two Amarillo residents to statewide board of directors



TribTalk  9/27/2018

As the Trump administration turns its back on refugees, Texas stands ready to welcome them

Kxan  6/28/2018
Nonprofits seeing surge in volunteers after border children crisis

TribTalk 6/25/2018
World Refugee Day should be a day to take action

KUT 90.5  4/13/2018
Texas Is Resettling Almost 80 Percent Fewer Refugees

KUT 90.5  4/1/2018                                                                                            
Get Involved Spotlight: Refugee Services Of Texas

The Texas Standard  1/4/2018
The Number Of Refugees Resettled In Texas

KERA News  1/3/2018                                                                             
Refugee Policy Changes So Far Have Affected Resettlement Numbers In Texas



New York Times  9/12/2017 
White House Weighs Lowering Refugee Quota

Yahoo! 7/26/2017 
Immigration is the 'single best way' to lift economic standards

New American Economy  6/19/2017 
From Struggle to Resilience: The Economic Impact of Refugees in America

TribTalk  6/19/2017 
Why We Need to Welcome Refugees

The Washington Post  6/13/2017
Refugees give more money to the government than the government gives them

KUT 90.5  6/5/2017
Texas Refugee Program Updates

The Washington Post  5/25/2017
Federal Appeals Court maintains freeze of Trump's travel ban. Attorney General vows Supreme Court appeal

The Guardian  5/24/2017
This small town in America's Deep South welcomes 1,500 refugees a year

The Texas Standard  5/24/2017
A program that grants asylum to kids fleeing Central American violence now brings fewer to the U.S.

The Atlantic  5/23/2017

ESPN  5/19/2017
Refugees, immigrants helped a Georgia high school build a diverse cross country dynasty

Houston Chronicle  5/18/2017
Immigrant rises to top of graduating class

Yahoo! News  5/17/2017
'That's not who we are': How a besieged heartland community rallied around its refugees

AL.COM  5/17/2017
Smuggled to the U.S. at 15, soccer player finds refuge in Alabama

Upworthy  4/27/2017
Setting the record straight on what it's really like to host a refugee family

The Daily Campus  4/20/2017
SMU Law students counsel detained immigrants during spring break

New American Economy  4/12/2017 
An Open Letter from 1,470 Economists on Integration

Encore Magazine  4/19/2017
Laughter For a Cause: Cliff Cash and company put the spotlight on refugees in "This Isn't Funny"

Reporting Texas  4/18/2017
Iraqi refugee family is reunited in Texas after tragedy, Trump travel ban

Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth  4/13/2017
Presiding bishop visits Refugee Services of Texas

The Shorthorn  4/3/2017
'No Human Illegal' speakers shed light on refugees, social justice

Cross Timbers Gazette   4/1/2017 
Volunteers help refugees feel at home

Amarillo Globe-News  3/25/2017
WT Simulation Urges People to Walk a Mile in Refugee's Shoes

KUT  3/23/2017
Refugee Groups In Austin Navigate Resettlement Program's Uncertain Future

KERA News  3/22/2017
SMU Town Hall On Refugee Crisis Brings Together Politicians, Community

Pulitzer Center  3/15/2017
Refugees in Texas: Attitudes Toward Security and Service  3/8/2017
League to sponsor program on refugee services

CBS Austin  3/6/2017
Local refugee services react to new travel ban

NY Times  3/2/2017
Welcome Refugees, Churches Say in a Public Challenge to Trump  2/23/2017
Austin school district a safe haven for refugee children (paywall)

The Daily Texan  2/20/2017
South Asian students use comedy to stand in solidarity with refugees

Amarillo Globe-News
Ruling restarts trips to Amarillo as families wait for reunions (paywall)

Sprudge  2/15/2017
Filter Coffee Not People: Department of Brewology's merch for a cause  2/15/2017
Refugees blocked by Trump ban arrive in Austin (paywall)

Business Insider  2/11/2017
'I don't know how much harder it can get': What it takes to go from refugee to American

Business Insider  2/11/2017
The chance an American will be killed by a foreign-born refugee is 1 in 3.64 billion

The Austin Chronicle  2/10/2017
Confusion, Misery, Worry: The Immigration Ban in Texas

KHOU  2/9/2017
Refugee families arrive in Texas as travel restrictions lifted

Houston Chronicle  2/9/2017
After long wait, Afghan family starts new life in Houston

Star-Telegram  9/2017
Newly arrived Syrian refugee in Fort Worth says travel ban left family in limbo

Yahoo! News  2/8/2017
In one Texas city where refugees are welcomed, immigration ban sows fear and confusion

The Texas Tribune  2/7/2017
First turned around by travel ban, Syrian refugee family makes it to Texas

KUT 90.5  7/2017
Nonprofits formally take over federal refugee program in Texas

Houston Chronicle  2/6/2017
Families taking advantage of temporary lifting of travel ban to come to Houston

KXAN  2/6/2017
'Travel ban' catches around 100 Texas-bound refugees in limbo

D Magazine  2/1/2017
Where to help refugees and immigrants in Dallas

The Texas Tribune  1/30/2017
Hope turns to heartache for Texas volunteers looking to help refugees

Trib Talk  1/29/2017
Why President Trump is Wrong About Refugees



Nonprofit Quarterly  10/3/2016
Texas Opts Out of Refugee Program but Nonprofits and Volunteers Will Bridge the Gap

Texas Tribune  9/30/2016
Ignoring Anti-Refugee Rhetoric, Texans Rush to Help in Resettlement

Public Radio International  9/8/2016
Helping Syrian refugees is the Christian thing to do, say these church leaders

Texas Standard  8/31/2016
Thanks to Refugee Program, El Salvadoran Family Reunites

Austin American-Statesman  7/23/2016
A safe, legal way for children from Central America to get to the U.S.

Austin American-Statesman  7/4/2016
Lake Travis students spread hope through 'Me to We' projects

Houston Chronicle  6/19/2016
Her 'name' almost snags refugee's journey to Houston

Fort Worth Star-Telegram  6/18/2016
Forth Worth refugee community honors World Refugee Day 2016

CW 33 News Fix  6/18/2016
Home, Sweet Home: Refugees Celebrate New Life

News Channel 25  6/18/2016
Amarillo refugee multicultural day

Amarillo Globe News  6/17/2016
World Refugee Day observed today in Amarillo

Fox 7 Austin  6/5/2016
Hundreds attends first Austin Refugee Day Festival

Fort Worth Star-Telegram  4/27/2016
Syrian crisis inspires Fort Worth teens to help refugees

The Texas Observer  4/11/2016
The Strangers Next Door

The Austinite  3/8/2016
Safe Haven: What Happens When Syrian Refugees Come To Austin

Austin Chronicle  2/5/2016
Refugee debate in Texas continues

News Channel 9 El Paso  1/22/2016
Senate Votes Down Bill To Increase Security Checks For Refugees

KVUE  01/14/2016
New unit to fight human trafficking in Texas



Fort Worth Star-Telegram  12/19/2015
Congolese refugee family starts new life in Forth Worth

The Dallas Morning News  11/25/2015
Point Person: Our Q&A with Aaron Rippenkroeger

Fort Worth Star-Telegram  11/25/2015
Refugees in Fort Worth learn about Thanksgiving traditions

KVUE  11/23/2015
Refugee service providers push back against Syrian ban

KXAN  11/23/2015
Local Leaders: We will pick up the tab for refugees if State backs out

Austin American-Statesman  11/23/2015
Austin Mayor Steve Adler joins White House call on Syrian Refugees

Houston Chronicle  11/21/2015
For Syrian refugee in Houston, feeling of safety stripped away

DFW WFAA  11/17/2015
Syrian Refugees Face Uncertain Future in Texas

Dallas Morning News
Aaron C. Rippenkroeger: Why Gov Greg Abbott is wrong on Syrian refugees

KXAN  11/6/2015
Syrian refugee family settles in Austin

Texas Public Radio  11/3/2015
More Cuban Migrants are Entering the U.S This Way

The Huffington Post  10/28/2015
Refugees Will Arrive In The U.S. Needing Mental Healthcare. They Probably Won't Get It.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram  10/25/2015
North Texas immigrants, refugees rely heavily on faith

KWBU  10/21/2015
As Syrian Refugees Look to Resettle, Texas Could Become Home

NBC News  10/13/2015
Refugees Will Arrive In The U.S. Needing Mental Healthcare. They Probably Won't Get It.
'It Will Be Better': Burmese Refugees Struggle on Road to America

KXAN Austin  10/5/2015
Two organizations in Austin will host Syrian refugees

Texas Standard  10/5/2015
How one Texas company is helping refugees in Europe

Fort Worth Star-Telegram  9/30/2015
Refugees find a haven in North Texas

The Daily Texan  9/30/2015
The Texan Talks: student involvement in refugee rights and resettlement

My High Plains - KAMR   9/25/2015
Amarillo Reaches Out to Refugees

The Eagle, Bryan-College Station  9/24/2015
Houston is a magnet for refugees

VoiceBox Media  9/21/2015
Central American minors underrepresented in court

One News Page  9/18/2015
Texans Prepare for Syrian Refugees

Amarillo Globe-News  9/16/2015
Syrian refugee influx not likely to immediately impact Amarillo

KERA News  9/16/2015
Resettlement Agency Believes Texas Can Accommodate More Syrian Refugees

Everything Lubbock  9/15/2015
Texans Prepare for Syrian Refugees

International Business Times  9/15/2015
Syrian Refugees US Obama Policy 2015: How Middle East Asylum Seekers Resettle in America

KTRH AM 740  9/15/2015
Texas Preparing for Syrian Refugees

Houston Chronicle  9/14/2015
From a Burundi massacre to self-sufficiency in Houston

The Texas Tribune  9/13/2015
Texas Could See Increase in Syrian Refugees

Houston Chronicle  9/13/2015
Greater Houston resettles more refugees than any other American city

Fort Worth Star-Telegram  9/12/2015  
Displaced by bombings, Syrian family finds peace in Fort Worth
Austin American-Statesman  9/12/2015
Rippenkroeger: Texas should welcome Syrian refugees

The Dallas Morning News  9/11/2015
Wes Magruder: Refugee images shook us awake. Now it's time to do something.

Fox 4 News  9/10/2015
Agencies prepare for arrival of Syrian refugees

Univision  9/9/2015
Familia siria encuentra refugio in Houston

Houston Chronicle  9/7/2015
Coming to Houston, not knowing a soul

ABC 13  9/5/2015
Syrian Refugees Move to Houston to Escape Brutal Regime in Homeland

Houston Chronicle  8/31/2015
City of Refugees: How Houston became a resettlement magnet

Greenlights  8/20/2015
2015 Award Categories and Finalists

Austin Refugee Newsletter - August 2015  8/17/2015
Refugee Services of Texas Expands Immigration Services

Amarillo Globe-News  8/10/2015
Refugees given opportunity for 'a second life'

San Antonio Current  8/4/2015
Hard Work: Skilled Refugees Face Hurdles To Ply Their Trade In U.S.

Hill Country News  6/25/2015
Central Texas mother takes on worldwide slavery problem

Laredo Morning Times  6/22/2015
World Refugee Day allows people to recognize contributions of refugees

KVUE News  6/20/2015
World Refugee Day in Austin

KXAN News  6/20/2015
24 refugees sworn in as U.S. citizens on World Refugee Day

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal  6/20/2015
Letter: Celebrate hope and optimism of refugees

Corpus Christi Caller Times  6/20/2015
Letter: Celebrate World Refugee Day

The Monitor  6/19/2015
LETTERS: On World Refugee Day, Donna ISD and bicycle etiquette

KERA News  6/16/2015
Refugees Jump Financial Hurdles To Start Over In America

WGEM News  5/29/2015
Fort Madison High School establishes Alumni Hall of Honor

El Mundo  2/19/2015
Programa de refugiados para centramericanos

Houston Chronicle  January 28, 2015
Tempest-tossed : Like immigrants before them, Syrian refugees seek a new home in Houston.

My High Plains  1/28/2015
Moore County Refugee Workshop

Connect Amarillo  1/28/2015
Moore County hosts third annual Refugee Conference

News Channel 10  1/28/2015
Moore County holds 3rd Annual Refugee Conference



News Channel 10  11/15/2014
Helping refugees make Amarillo home

CCTV - AMERICA  11/7/2014
Looser travel restrictions bring more Cubans to US

The Wall Street Journal  10/28/2014
Cuban Wave Arrives by Land

The Dallas Morning News  10/11/2014
Vickery Meadow neighborhood is 'melting pot of America'

The Monitor  9/6/2014
Nobody is allowed to cry alone

The Daily Texan  9/4/2014
Organization connects students with Austin's refugee population

The Living Church  8/26/2014
Defend the Sojourner

FOX 7 Good Day Austin  5/14/2014
Hope Through Health

KTBC-FOX  5/13/2014
Austin area clinic helps trafficking victims

Telemundo Austin  5/13/2014
Clínica de Austin ofrece recursos a víctimas de tráfico humano

News Channel 10  2/26/2014
Refugees in the Panhandle learning English to succeed

The New York Times  2/20/2014
Amarillo Struggles to Handle Influx of Refugees

Texas Medical Association 2/13/2014
TMA Foundation Awards Group That Helps Refugees Get Health Care

KUT News From Austin, Texas  2/8/2014
Refugees in Texas Face Hurdles Signing Up for Obamacare Plans

KAMR-NBC4  2/7/2014
Refugee Population Growing too Quickly in Amarillo

The University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work  2/5/2014
Hope through Health Clinic with CommUnityCare Recognized by TAASA

KEYE TV  1/22/2014
Battle Against Human Trafficking Continues...

French Morning Texas (French-language online magazine)  1/9/2014
Les réfugiés francophones affluent au Texas



International Organization for Migration  12/6/2013
IOM Rwanda expects to resettle 1,500 Congolese refugees in 2014

The Eagle  11/302013
Non-English-speaking parents helped by students

Austin American-Statesman  11/27/2013
Qusay Hussein: Blinded by bomb, Iraqi refugee seeks to counsel others

Bloomberg  10/11/2013
Shutdown Strands Refugees Seeking Asylum

KUT News from Austin, Texas  10/8/2013
Another Casualty of Government Shutdown: Texas-Bound Refugees

Church World Service  10/8/2013
Faith Leaders Kick Off Day of Action for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Washington Examiner  10/8/2013
VIDEO: Faith leaders urge lawmakers to take up immigration reform

KUT News from Austin, Texas  7/30/2013
What You Should Know About Austin's Newest Neighbors: The Congolese


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