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Central Texas Office for Refugees (CTOR)

Who We Are

Central Texas Office for Refugees (CTOR)

CTOR is a distinct program of RST that serves as Texas' Region 3 Replacement Designee for the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). CTOR administers, monitors, and supports local refugee resettlement agencies contracted to provide assistance such as refugee support services and cash and medical assistance to ORR-served populations. CTOR is 100% federally funded. 

CTOR is a member of the Texas Refugee Programs Coordinating Body working to ensure that all ORR-eligible populations have access to the critical resources needed to help them rebuild their lives in Texas.



Texas' Region 3 encompasses Austin, San Antonio, and the Rio Grande Valley.



Refugee Services of Texas - Austin

Caritas of Austin

Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of San Antonio

Interfaith Action of Central Texas (iACT) 

RAICES (San Antonio office)



  • Employment Services

    - Job readiness classes
    - On-the-job training
    - Job placement
    - Vocational training
    - Professional Recertification

  • Education Services

    - English language instruction

  • Immigration Services

    - Legal services
    - Citizenship services
    - Adjustment of status

  • Social Adjustment Services

    - Case management
    - Application for state and local benefits Removal of barriers to:
    --- Transportation
    --- Interpretation/Translation
    --- Childcare
    Youth Mentoring
    School impact
    Well-being services

  • Cash and Medical Assistance

    ORR-eligible populations not eligible for TANF may receive RCA for up to 8 months ORR-eligible populations not eligible for Medicaid may receive RMA.


What is a "Regional Replacement Designee"?

The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), under the US Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, provides funding for supportive services programs, including social services, cash assistance and medical assistance for refugees who are resettled through the US Reception and Placement (R&P) program under the US Department of State. ORR provides funding to state governments that contract with local refugee resettlement agencies to provide services. In cases where a state government does not wish to participate in these programs, ORR may provide the funding through alternate channels. 

According to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR 45) 400.301, the Director of ORR is authorized to appoint a Replacement Designee to administer the provision of assistance and services to ORR served populations when a state withdraws from the refugee resettlement program. 

Who are the other Regional Designees?

Texas has 4 Regional Replacement Designees: 

Region 1 (WTOR-IRC) oversees Abilene, Amarillo, El Paso, Midland

Region 2 (NTOR-Catholic Charities Fort Worth) oversees Dallas, Fort Worth 

Region 3 (CTOR-RST) oversees Austin, San Antonio, RGV 

Region 4 (STOR-YMCA of Greater Houston) oversees Houston

How do I contact CTOR?

To learn more about CTOR and the programs offered, please email

  • Bivens Foundation
  • St. Davids Foundation
    St. Davids Foundation
  • Child Welfare Fund
    Child Welfare Fund
  • State Employee Charitable Campaign

  • UT Division of Diversity and Community Engagement
    UT Division of Diversity and Community Engagement
  • Hope Supply Co.
    Hope Supply Co.
  • Pro Literacy
    Pro Literacy
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield, Healthy Kids Healthy Families
    Blue Cross Blue Shield, Healthy Kids Healthy Families
  • United Way of Cameron County
    United Way of Cameron County
  • United Way Dallas
    United Way Dallas
  • Tableau
  • Amarillo Area Foundation
    Amarillo Area Foundation
  • All Together ATX
    All Together ATX
  • City of Austin- Office of Equity
    City of Austin- Office of Equity
  • One Star Foundation
    One Star Foundation
  • City of Dallas
    City of Dallas
  • Shapiro Foundation
    Shapiro Foundation
  • Trusted World
    Trusted World
  • Frost Bank
    Frost Bank
  • Alamo Drafthouse
    Alamo Drafthouse
  • HEB