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What We Do


Saturday, February 19, 2022
10:00 am11:30 am

"Art of Resilience: The Refugee State of Mind" shares the refugee heritage, life, and art of Hussein Al-Baiaty. A graphic designer by trade, Hussein uses the wearable medium of printed T-shirts to promote understanding—expressing the stories of hardship, inspiration, and resilience that so often define the refugee experience.

Interwoven throughout these stories are Hussein's own principles for surviving and thriving in any new situation. Learn through his eyes how the most impossible conditions can teach us to overcome any obstacle and create the future we want:

Your triumph over the smallest battle is crucial.
There's no such thing as failing.
You can learn from past experience.
You can always choose a positive attitude.
Discover your own layers of resilience to fuel your creativity and help you live a holistic life. Through the practice of profound self-reflection, learn how to develop, trust, embrace, and tap into your own greatest source of power: your state of mind.

We'll start our Saturday Book Club with a Q&A with Hussein, lead by RST's Development Director Ashley Faye, and break into smaller community groups after to dive into a deeper discussion about "Art of Resilience: The Refugee State of Mind"