Welcome Teams are community or faith groups that pair with a refugee family during their initial resettlement in Texas. Building a Welcome Team is an enriching experience that benefits recently-arrived refugees as well as those who sponsor them. 

A Welcome Team engages in, and improves the quality of, a refugee’s resettlement by providing extra assistance, time, advice, and material goods vital to fulfilling the needs of newly arrived refugees. Refugees learn English, integrate into their local community, and achieve success at higher rates with the support of a Welcome Team than without.

Welcome Teams are integral partners in resettling refugees as they provide extra, individualized care to help the family become self-sufficient. Welcome Teams can be tailored to suit the capability and schedule of your community group or congregation.


Welcome teams may:

  • Welcome the refugee family at the airport
  • Furnish and set up an apartment
  • Gather or contribute donations
  • Orient the refugee family to the local community
  • Provide transportation to medical appointments or to job interviews
  • Help with school enrollment for the children
  • Teach the refugee family about American culture and customs while learning about their culture too
  • Be a friend and support network for a refugee family

If you're interested in volunteering as a Welcome Team or individually, please visit our Volunteer page.