Plan a gift for Refugee Services of Texas


Refugee Services of Texas invites you to empower philanthropy in a fresh, energized way by lauching your legacy today, with gift options tailored to your goals and personal connection to Refugee Services of Texas.


For RST, your planned gift will enable us to continue and expand basic resettlement and social services to refugees, asylees, and related vulnerable populations. Your gift will help secure RST's current programs and future plans - contributing significantly to the lives of our neighbors who need it most!

Ways to Give

These are just a few of the many ways you can plan a donation to RST. See our resources below for more details.

Check out our Resources below for detailed information regarding the types of assets that     Refugee Services of Texas is able to accept.


CHARITABLE GIFTS                                 Designate a dollar amount or estate percentage. 

CHARITABLE LEAD TRUSTS                           Set up donations through a trust that go on for a determined period of time. After that period of time, the remained of the trust goes to beneficiaries.

CHARITABLE REMAINDER TRUSTS         Disperse funds from a trust to beneficiaries for a determined amount of time, with the remained going to a designated charitable organizaiton.   


Download our brochure to learn about the various ways that you can set up your legacy. 

For more detailed information that you can discuss with an attorney and financial professional, download our Planned Giving packet.

     Send written inquiries to the attention of our Vice President of Development Kathy Dodson at                                  9241 Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway, Suite 210, Dallas, TX 75240                                 or contact her via email at