Community Wellness

The Community Wellness Program aims to assist clients in achieving self-sufficiency within a twelve month period. Over the last three years, RST assessed specific areas of extremely vulnerable refugees that require additional orientation to the community in order to meet individualized needs such as: financial literacy, local laws and customs, accessing resources, and parenting in the United States. RST Austin and Fort Worth provide group orientation and psycho-education sessions, as well as referrals to other appropriate providers in their respective areas. 

Eligible Populations




Cuban-Haitian Entrants

Individuals who have previously held Refugee, Asylee, or Cuban-Haitian Entrant Status

Amerasian from Vietnam

Iraqi and Afghan Special Immigrant (SIV)

Unaccompanied Refugee Minors (URM)




RST Austin offers culturally and linguistically-appropriate individual, couples and family therapy  at no cost to clients who may need additional support. Our services are all trauma informed and customized to the individual needs of clients.



Fort worth


RST Fort Worth's Community Wellness Program offers unique services such as extended cultural orientation to clients. These services include additional bus orientations, enrollment in Headstart, assistance with applications, transportation, and appointments. Currently, there are two peer-led support groups for clients that focus on clients' immidiate needs and aid in facilitating community.

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