4200 South Freeway
Suite 320
Fort Worth, TX 76115
T: (817) 413-3772
F: (817) 413-9603

World Refugee Day 2015 Soccer Tournament

The RST Fort Worth office was founded in 1996 and is affiliated with Church World Service and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service. Since its inception, RST Fort Worth has provided resettlement services to more than 2,500 refugees, asylees, and other displaced persons. The Fort Worth Service Center has recently moved its operations to la Gran Plaza in south Fort Worth.


RST Fort Worth offers programs to assist refugees with basic needs and services during their initial resettlement to the U.S. Refugee clients are also provided with case management and financial assistance while they work to meet the challenges of transitioning to the local community. FW now offers counseling and group psycho-social therapy through a partnership with Center for Survivors of Torture. Visit our About page to learn more!

  • Resettlement Services

  • Job Readiness Training and Placement

  • English Language Program

  • Social Adjustment Services

  • Refugee Cash Assistance

  • Medical Case Management

  • Central American Minor Refugee Program Application (CAM-AOR)

  • Community Wellness


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