For over 10 years, Refugee Services of Texas (RST) has had the privilege of serving the asylee community to those who have been granted asylum. As we seek to grow our programs to help even more vulnerable communities, we are now undertaking a new program to help serve those who are seeking asylum in the United States.

Asylum Seeker.png

RST is looking to add a full-time position to the new Asylum Assistance & Integration Program, and we invite you to help us as we build the capacity to serve as many families as we are able!

Our goal is to connect families with comprehensive case management, community resources and education that will aid them into integrating in our community.

We are asking for your help, with both financial contributions towards an Asylum Assistance Case Manager as well as connecting us with other community members who might also want to be involved. We are ready and happy to meet with them separately, talk to congregations, and whatever else is needed, knowing that time is of the essence for the asylum seekers who are already here and for those who continue to come.

To make the BIGGEST impact, RST is seeking out 46 individuals from our growing community of support who would be willing to give a small amount per month to help us reach this goal. We hope for you to join us as a monthly supporter at $84/month ($1,000 for the year) to help fund this new position!

To that end, we have added an option on our donation page to join us as a monthly supporter at $84/month! Make sure you choose both the $84 option AND click "Make this a monthly gift." Of course, we are grateful for any investment you are able to make, and please write "asylum case manager" in the comments and we will ensure your donation goes directly toward this life-changing position!

To have RST speak in your faith community, place of business or gathering to learn more about this program and position, please contact Ashley Faye at or 214-821-4422.