1101 Fritch Highway
Amarillo, TX 79108
T: (806) 381-0099
F: (806) 356-9094

RST Amarillo is affiliated with Church World Service and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service to provide initial resettlement services and on-going support to refugees, asylees, and other displaced persons. Many of the refugees resettling in Amarillo today are reuniting with family members already living in the area.


RST Amarillo provides refugees with basic needs and services during their initial resettlement period. RST Amarillo has a large English as a Second Language program, which is led and facilitated entirely by volunteers. Multiple classes are offered based on proficiency levels, which is crucial to helping refugees integrate into the local community. These services allow refugees to meet the challenges of integration and strive toward self-sufficiency. Visit our About page to learn more!

  • Resettlement Services

  • Social Adjustment Services

  • Job readiness training and placement

  • Refugee Cash Assistance

  • English as a Second Language

  • Refugee Youth Program

  • Central American Minor Refugee Program Application (CAM-AOR)


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