This holiday season, RST is asking it's supporters to be a beacon for refugees and other displaced individuals and families. Find out the many ways you can shine a light for RST clients below!

"Shine a Light" This Holiday Season



Be a beacon for Refugees, asylees, survivors of human trafficking and other vulnerable and displaced populations.




Educate yourself, friends, and family about the refugee journey.


Give the gift of hope this holiday season. Your donations allow us to welcome refugees and other vulnerable and displaced populations to Texas.


Host a Salaam Supper to learn about refugees and to raise awareness and funding to support their welcome.


Statement from Aaron Rippenkroeger, President & CEO, Refugee Services of Texas

The announcement by the White House to cap the number of refugee arrivals at 45,000 for the 2018 fiscal year represents the lowest admissions figure for the United States in decades and puts the lives of tens of thousands of people needlessly at risk.  This shameful decision is not based in fact and will also harm America and the international community.  

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From Brigham Young University Television, here is a story about a group from LDS that welcomed refugees to their community.


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“Refugee Services of Texas provides services not only to its clients,
but also to the communities in which we work.”
— Aaron Rippenkroeger, CEO of Refugee Services of Texas